I owe a great deal to Harvard Professor Robert Kegan, who helped me articulate something I've known intuitively for years but never formally explored: the value and characteristics of deliberately developmental organizations (read more about his research , and check out his new book). My participation in his Adult Development course helped give a connective framework for my work with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) and New England Conservatory (NEC).

At the ASO, I was hired as the first Director of Strategic Planning Engagement. Reporting to the President and working with the ASO's senior leadership, I helped to drive forward organization-wide strategic objectives. Those projects ranged in scope from collaboratively leading a board development review process to helping facilitate an organization-wide strategic planning process to leading the entire planning of the ASO's three-day grand opening ceremonies at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. Throughout all of this work, I thought and acted deliberately to engage every constituency in working towards the organization's strategic goals. 

EM's 2014 "Unconservatory" Event Photo Credit: Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department

EM's 2014 "Unconservatory" Event
Photo Credit: Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department

When I arrived at NEC, my charge as the Founder & Director of the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department was to create a brand new initiative that equipped young musicians with the extra-musical skills needed to succeed in the 21st Century. It was an exciting challenge to embed this new type of learning within the oldest music conservatory in North America. During my first ten months of research and development, I met with over 350 individuals (students, trustees, faculty members, and alumni, among others) to learn how this department could reflect and enhance NEC's culture. This deliberate planning process enabled the department to move from a "new initiative" to something students assume has always been at NEC, in the span of five years. 

At Harvard's Graduate School of Education, I designed an individualized course of learning through the Special Studies Program, spending time on the campuses of the Education School, the Harvard Kennedy School, and Tufts Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Drawing especially from my 14+ years of experience with organizational development work, I focused studies on group learning, effective communications, facilitating conversations, the future of learning online, and leadership development. 

If you're interested in exploring how I could be a thought-partner for your organizational development work, please send a message through my contact page. My professional work thus far has specialized in strategic planning, leadership development, leadership communications, board governance, and professional independent advising.